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Reliable Cloud Based Software

Fuse5 keeps everything backed-up on the most reliable server environment ever—the cloud. With limitless, Internet-based storage and top-notch security, it’ll be like you have an army of black boxes working for you.

CREDIBLE in the automotive aftermarket industry

Four of the top 5 buying groups endorse Fuse5, and we partner with lots of other folks you know and trust. In fact, Fuse5 is the fastest growing solution for the automotive aftermarket industry.


Fuse5 could cost you 60 percent less than your system now. Heck, you’ll not only save money, you’ll make more of it. Fuse5 can list all your inventory real-time on a dozen e-commerce platforms, which means—yep—more sales.

EASY TO TRANSITION between systems

Fuse5 runs parallel with your current system until you’re ready for the real deal. Our team of experts will even be there to walk you through it. Plus, you’ll always have our 24/7 customer support to answer any question ever.

We keep great company.

Four of the top buying groups give Fuse5 their stamp of approval. Tons of other awesome teams partner with us.


Don’t believe us?
Listen to these guys.

We’re considered the #1 ERP solution by auto parts store owners.

“We researched everything in the space before selecting Fuse5 as our business management software.  Its POS, CRM, inventory management and back office features are the best we have ever used, and we encourage anyone in the automotive aftermarket to check it out.”

President, FCP Autoparts

“Fuse5 certainly takes us into the next century.  From stem to stern, Fuse5 is a seamless process.  We needed to transition to a new system in a very limited time frame and I’m certain no other software company could have made it happen so fast.  The Fuse5 team is second to none.”

Owner, Triangle Auto Supply

I am not easily impressed, but you have my undivided attention with what I am seeing now. Amazing, fast, simple, and it works. . .With Fuse5 it has taken me about an hour to do exceptions, and they work! Great job here.

Vice President, Southeastern Automotive, Inc.

Trust your gut and go for it.

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