An Interview with Parts Distributing, INC

Donovan Haidinger, of Parts Distributing, INC, discusses the ways Fuse5 Automotive Software has changed the way they do business.

“We use Fuse5 to…pretty much run our business. When I got in here, we were still using green screen. You know, dot matrix printers and it was about as old school as it could get. And we didn’t want to jump 10 years; we wanted to jump to the future.

Fuse5 was the only one who came and said, ‘Look, I’m not gonna tell you how to run your business, but I’m gonna tell you how to run your business.’ Because ultimately, everyone who buys and sells auto parts, we’re all doing the same thing. And Fuse5 designed a software to meet the industry.

We adjusted a lot of our business practices to work with the software, rather than tell them that their software needed to change to adapt to us.

Federated Auto Parts has a great online cataloging and B2B ordering tool for us, and we were able to use Fuse5 to switch to that and pretty much eliminate, completely, our third-party cataloging vendor.

What do you do when your internet goes out? Can your customers still order online from you? The answer, with Fuse5, is yes.

Look at the big picture. There’s just so much that Fuse5 integrates, and does easily. When you take all the things we were paying other people to do, it’s just made so many other things easier. Fuse5 definitely was a cost savings. It works great.

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