A Conversation with John Matheson – Owner of ROTEX

John Matheson is the owner of ROTEX Auto Parts & Supplies, out of Gardena, California. ROTEX uses Fuse5 Automotive Software for a number of applications.

“Fuse5 is an automotive software company; we use it a lot for point of sale and application lookup. They have tailored a program specifically to my needs, and it was priced accordingly to that service.

Fuse5 as far as a company is extremely easy to work with. It’s a point and shoot software program, in which we didn’t come from that. So we were extremely happy to welcome that within our company.”

Ease of Use

One of the most important benefits of Fuse5 Automotive Software that John found was the ease in which his employees were able to utilize and optimize the software for his business.

“My employees have found it easy to use. For new hires, that’s actually made a transition very, very easy in our industry. They also have a favorite section of the reports; you can actually kind of hone in on the reports you really want to use. You really have the capability of tailoring those to your specific industry.”

Seamless Transitions

Fuse5 Automotive software offered ROTEX a seamless transition from their old software, which has helped their business grow and become more efficient.

“Fuse5 has definitely made my company more efficient. For me, it was very, very important to have a seamless transition, which I did.”

Personal Touch

A Fuse5 representative is always available to take your call and walk you through any questions or issues you have. We know the value of a personal touch!

“And also, to me, in order to have somebody actually pick up the phone whenever there is problems, whether it’s me or a new hire – there’s huge value in there. And that was a huge benefit for us, and that was really one of the main reasons why we chose Fuse5.”

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