Fuse5 Automotive Software CRM FAQ’s

Fuse5 Automotive Software’s CRM is designed to help you create, track and convert leads. Simplify customer relationship management for you and your salespeople with software created specifically for the automotive aftermarket.

See what people are asking us about our CRM with these frequently asked questions.

What features does the Fuse5 Automotive Software offer to keep track of appointments?

Fuse5 Automotive’s overall CRM includes a customer calendar that allows salespeople to manage their appointments and road schedule.

Do you have to export reports to send them to customers, vendors or employees?

With our integrated email feature, you can automatically send any of your real-time reports directly from Fuse5 Automotive Software.

Does the integrated email feature also allow me to send invoices via email?

Yes, you can send invoices, receipts and statements directly to your customers from Fuse5 Automotive Software. No more additional expenses for paper, postage or printing.

What does Fuse5 Automotive Software offer in regard to promotion tracking?

You can create, apply and track promotions from Fuse5 Automotive Software. Track your promotion automatically to receive all the data you need to gauge its success.

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