Frontera Radiators Selects Fuse5 Automotive Software for its Mexico based operations


CORALVILLE, IOWA, April 2018  Fuse5 Automotive Software (FAS), a US based provider of Business Management Solutions for the automotive aftermarket, is proud to announce that it has signed Frontera Radiators of El Paso, TX on the industry’s first cloud-based solution for the Automotive Aftermarket: Fuse5 Automotive Software.

“For us, the decision of changing our ERP was a big deal.” says Arnoldo Ventura of Frontera Radiators.  “In the end, it is the software you use that will set your ceiling for growth, so the most advanced and updated it is, the better. We visited several auto parts stores that were using other software, but it was Fuse5 Automotive Software that got our attention. First of all because it is easy to use and secondly the analytic power it has on sales and purchases. The fact that it is integrated with every parts catalog out there and some other features like delivery, packaging, marketplaces and many other software”.

Arnoldo went on to say, “The most impressive feature of Fuse5 Automotive Software is the ability to make more money for your business. The ‘Ignite Your Margin’ module helped us to customize the rules, promotions, and exceptions we want in order to make the most of each sale. There is no need to give unnecessary discounts or to overprice, you will make the most on each sale with Fuse5 Automotive Software. One other particularly effective feature is the real time reporting you get in Fuse5 Automotive Software. You can see graphically how your stores are doing, how your salesman are performing as well as profits per line, right away with one glance. This helps you and your employees to fulfill their monthly goals. If you can measure it, you can make it better.”

Fuse5 Automotive Software continues to improve to meet the demand for solutions that will make independent businesses technologically relevant in an increasingly competitive environment.

“We are excited to have Frontera Radiators Mexico join the Fuse5 Automotive Software family.”  said John Bunting, COO of Fuse5 Automotive Software.  “Ask any of our current customers about Fuse5 Automotive Software and hear how continual improvement drives the core of what we do, we listen and we’re willing to make changes to make each of our customers stronger in an increasingly competitive market.  That attitude is clear in every Fuse5 Automotive Software employee and continues to be the reason we get better with every day.”

Fuse5 Automotive Software is a complete Business Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning tool.  Fuse5 Automotive Software allows customers to vastly improve their inventory efficiency, forecasting, price-points, sales strategies, and more all adding to increased profitability.

“Fuse5 Automotive Software is built from the ground up to combine all aspects of the Automotive Aftermarket from Garage and Jobbers to WDs and Manufacturers – and all businesses in between.  This has not been possible with the limitations of legacy hardware.” said John Bunting, COO of Fuse5 Automotive Software.  “With Fuse5 Automotive Software, you have it all right at your fingertips, from any device that has access to the internet. We continue to strive to offer the best, most seamless business management platform possible for our customers.”


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