The true benefits of Cloud POS software

Companies today are making the switch from a physical POS and inventory system to an online cloud-based POS software. What exactly is a cloud POS system? A system that uses the internet to access data via a remote server. All transactions and system updates occur online, and no data is locally recorded. Rather, it is sent and run off-site so that the system can be accessed and run through nearly any device.

There are many advantages to adopting a cloud-based system. One such example is constant updates: throughout the year there are many promotions that provide certain customers with special rates or have specific products discounted. Utilizing a cloud POS all price points are updated instantaneously so there is no need for concern that a location may have misquoted a customer, or an item has been rung up in error. Transaction speed is improved as well, as all product information is already included in the system so customers may place an order and pick up in a timely manner, without the hassle of long lines due to cashiers searching for a product or not being able to ring up an item.

Another nightmare that can plague storefronts is the need to update systems and be down for an extended period. With cloud platforms, there is generally only one device which requires an update, while all others connected respond in real time. No need for waiting or shutting down stations, and no surprise updates popping up at inopportune moments.

Regarding inventory management, it is extremely accurate, as each part received or sold can be followed every step of the way from its check in from the supplier to the minute it enters the customer’s hands. Having this level of detail regarding inventory keeps product counts accurate and allows it to be found quickly on shelves as it may be sorted by many different variables such as item type, brand, description, or many others depending on need. In addition, there are no unrecorded sales or credits from this kind of system. Having accurate sales information allows one to identify market trends and track which products are selling more rapidly. Knowing these trends will allow you to determine what products demographics are responding to.


A huge benefit that cloud POS systems offer to their customers is the ability to essentially carry their business everywhere they go. All one needs is an internet connection on a device to set up shop and all pricing, inventory, and customer data is at their fingertips. This can be done with as little as a tablet occupying a merchandise table at any kind of event the customer may be involved in. Imagine field sales reps being able to place orders for a customer and before ending their visit with the shop owner, not only has the part been delivered and signed for, your delivery driver has returned to your location and set off on their next delivery.

Client and consumer information is always secure as it is stored on encrypted archives, preventing viruses from damaging or accessing server information. All credit card transactions are more secure than traditional POS systems as the data is not stored, but rather encrypted and sent over the web. In the event of a power failure or hardware malfunction information is safe as well, as all backup data is stored digitally. Simply connect a new device or log back in on a working terminal and everything you need to continue operating is present.

Secure cloud-based software: Having a cloud-based system provides more security from outside threats or hacks that a standalone software may be more susceptible to. Inventory is constantly updated across all devices, so companies that may have issues with selling out will no longer have to concern themselves with locating or overselling items, in addition with multi location operations an entire sales history by account is generated and visible from any location. If a purchase was made on main street, but returned to the 5th street location there is no question about original sales price or quantity. This ease of mind also comes with minimal difficulty, as online systems can either standalone or be integrated into existing systems.

The market is always changing, an online POS helps you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to any challenges quickly and efficiently, providing you and your customers with the optimum solution.


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