Mobile solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a demonstration is priceless. Have total control of your meetings by being able to not just talk about, but prove everything you are selling is the real deal. In a few minutes set up a customer’s account, and have them experience just how simple it is to browse an inventory, search by application, or access order history. Customers will always approach you with new problems and questions. Using Fuse5 automotive software (FAS) you are equipped to handle them. For on the fly issues solutions are available anytime you may need them.

Suppose you are with a client and want to demonstrate how the system works. The program is opening when a power surge overloads the desktop. Without skipping a beat all you need to do is bring up your phone or tablet with FAS and continue right where you left off. Not a single piece of information is lost as everything is maintained safely within the database structure itself. Business owners can rest easy knowing crucial data is safe and workflow remains unhindered. 

Supply Solutions

For those last minute customers that have to have a rush order or the ones ringing the phones at 2 am, everything required to get an order placed and in motion can be done in a few keystrokes utilizing the e-commerce functions of FAS. Meaning no need to run back into an office or make a call down to the phone centers.  Salesmen can do everything they need as long as they have an internet connection.

Some customers may end up realizing they don’t have all the parts they need for the job. It is too late to stop in and pick them up that evening. Using our online software they may look up what they need by application and create an order that will be waiting to be sent as soon as the suppliers open the following morning. On the other hand they may change their preference to collect their parts as soon as their store opens. Either way the consumer can have peace of mind that the parts will arrive as quickly as possible. The job will be completed without anymore unexpected delay.

Real time access to incoming and outgoing shipments

Allows salesmen to provide the most accurate availability of product to customers. It removes the guesswork of shipping and receiving from branches or hubs within a region. In addition stores can accommodate incoming stock orders from suppliers by knowing what day an order was made, when it is scheduled to arrive, and exactly how much will be coming in on each shipment. This can benefit staff scheduling/marketing promotions and have spokes prepared to accept new inventory so it does not have to sit on pallets taking up space. All of which can be scheduled from the comfort of a beach chair in Jamaica.

Have a soft spot for nature, or maybe just like the tax incentives for going green?

Our software will provide you with the tools to never need another physical copy again. Reports, invoices, PO’s, orders, everything can be communicated via EDI connections, e-fax, or email. Effectively negating the need to retain physical paperwork. This means that one never has to worry about losing important documents or wondering “did I forget to push through an order before heading out of town?” Every piece of data is stored securely in the fort Knox of clouds so peace of mind is guaranteed, allowing you to make the best of your vacation. While hard copies were a necessity to run your business in the past, there is no more need to check a file cabinet worth of documents when heading on a business trip.

A salesman’s best friend 

Setting up new customers on the go has never been easier. Gone are the days of waiting on paperwork to to be returned by your field sales staff to set up new customers. Talking with a tech about what a pain it is to find a part for an 88 Chevy? Break out the tablet and type in the specs. In moments you’ve got availability on every part for the vehicle, and with a little luck a new customer ready to buy. With our cloud systems a customer account can be created in seconds. Customers can then begin ordering same day through FAS’ multifaceted cataloguing system. 


Need to reference some numbers during a meeting or cocktail hour? Quickly pull up reports and access what’s been going on in your area to prove your numbers are top notch! Be aware of how close locations are to hitting goals and note which areas need that extra push. Nothing is worse than ending a day and finding out you landed 5% away from target. Knowing how close you are will give you the edge needed to succeed. 

Keeping a close eye on these values, sales staff can decide which parts to push, what times to order, and identify defect trends. Knowledge that could save future sales and increase margin if an alternative supplier is found. The best way to find out about faulty products is hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. The salesman on the go can make adjustments to order points on a daily basis as they learn what products are going over well in the market. 

Always want to be in the know about how well your stores are doing? With custom reporting you can assign reports to generate and be waiting in your inbox each morning. They can be generated to view in browser or open in excel formats depending on your preference. Keep an eye on KPI’s by region, branch, outside salespeople, counter people, and more, or see how performance is compared to the last few months. Staying on top of trends by area allows you to make informed decisions about how customers should be taken care of. These tools allow the sales team to notice patterns in customer activity and make contact with those that they haven’t heard from in a while.  

Finding everything you need keeps you and your customers happy

Customers wanting statements or order histories can be provided on the spot. Instead of having to wait for a monthly statement or invoice to be mailed they can keep up with their accounts online. Should they inquire about any past credits or billings all the information can be looked up based on a number of criteria, such as PO’s, part numbers, or invoice numbers. This is especially helpful when dealing with C.O.D. customers as core deposits may not be acquired at the time of delivery. Cores due are tracked for collection at a later date. 

Customer data can be modified at any time, for example a new owner or a buyout occurring. Rather than removing all data from the previous organization, and creating entirely new accounts, profiles may be modified and changed to more accurately represent the new owners. All the while still maintaining useful information about each location. In the event of a changeover both sides can continue to do business without causing a hiccup.

More than just a product, FAS is the perfect tool for any company with moving parts. Ease of access keeps your people and information mobile, and means the work can always continue. Go to business meetings including stopping by booth number or on vacation with the knowledge that your company is in the palm of your hand. The only thing you need to continue being successful is a good attitude and work ethic.

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