Rooftop Billing

Different from your usual statement

Ever get the feeling your ERP provider is making your bill intentionally difficult to read? Fuse5 Automotive Software knows some things are better kept simple. Rooftop is a type of invoicing that is based on the number of physical locations service is provided for. Most ERP solutions offer modules that each come with their own price tag. On top of that they are billed per user or floor within a workspace, so for larger corporations it can be fairly expensive. FAS offers the best of both worlds. Clients are billed by location, not user or size, meaning that one building with 4 floors of employees pays one simple rate. Comparatively others may bill by user, session, or even terminal access to the software.

What does this mean to me?

Know what your statements will be each month.

  • One of the nicest things to look at with rooftop billing is the simplicity. Looking at the bills from per-user companies can be convoluted and irritating. It takes sifting through multiple pages to get to the total and makes finding mistakes difficult.
  • Being a True Cloud service, Fuse5 is able to avoid the licensing fee’s competitors charge. Rather than having to pay for other services per terminal everything is connected over in-house software.
  • Keep your teamwork stronger by giving everyone access to systems without paying for each user.
  • For a growing business FAS is ideal as it grows with you. A team may grow by 20 and require another floor to house it, do it under one roof and the fee never goes up.
  • Even if the facility has to source to a second location the rate does not increase exponentially. In the event another location is brought into the program there is a second location discount.
  • With rooftop billing avoid all the hassle and know what you will be paying out the gate without having a degree in mathematics.

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