5 reasons an ERP is necessary to run your business

There are loads of benefits an ERP can offer your business, but no matter what aspect of the market you are in there are some that help everyone. For instance, keeping track of who your clients are and what they need. Being able to acquire what they need and get it to them. Even the simple things like inventorying and data entry are automated so you don’t have to break your back laboring over it all day.

Customer Information

In any business your customers are your most important resource. Maintaining strong relationships with them is absolutely key in turning them from one-time visitors to repeat buyers. Since we live in the information age, customers are less likely to establish a personal relationship. This means we need to use technology to learn about them. CRM’s take in data on customer interactions and create a full image of their needs based on buying trends, return history, and information requested. This comes together to form an idea of what your customers are looking for and what you should market to them.


Parts management

Know where your parts are coming from and when they are scheduled to arrive. Nothing is worse than not remembering when a shipment should be coming in then being caught with ­­your pants down by a customer waiting on it. With FAS keep fast moving parts on hand with automatic ordering, accurate inventory counts, and up to date return reporting.



In todays world the ability to do business on the go is crucial. Meet your clients for dinner, maybe they don’t believe they can still put in an order after hours. Go ahead and place it on your mobile POS and tell them if the part isn’t there first thing, you’ll buy lunch for their team tomorrow. FAS gives you confidence in your selling power with integrated systems that reflect accurate inventory.

Sales Reporting

Accurate and up to date figures let sales managers know what to push and what to pull. Keep your team focused on the critical tasks to improve close rates. Now why is this absolutely necessary? Surely, I can keep track of who is doing well and what we need to send back to our vendors. You can, but with FAS you can free up the time spent collecting and analyzing that data and use it to strategize your next move.


Ready for more business

ERP’s give you everything that you need at your fingertips. Fuse5 Automotive Software is set up to give you all the tools to grow from the go live date. From any device with an internet connection access anything you need to do business, anywhere. No frustration waiting on old systems to update. No uncertainty about whether your programs will be able to communicate. Reports can be ready and waiting for you at the beginning of each day. Born to scale with your business, FAS will not become obsolete. With daily updates to the system you are always operating on the optimal version of the software. Using FAS keeps you equipped to handle any situation, even the ones you haven’t thought of.

Fuse5 Automotive Software grants you the tools you need to move ahead of your competitors. For any new or growing business our all-in-one solution leaves you poised to make the most efficient use of your assets and grow your store. Set your sights high and let the cloud carry you there.


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