ERP Solutions

What are they?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is composed of software solutions for various tasks that provide a company’s answer to increasing efficiency. It tracks the central processes of businesses such as procurement, marketing, finance, sales, customer service, even human resources. What this does is create transparency for all departments involved so they can each pull data from one another, and each aspect of business integrates seamlessly. Having this information readily available across all departments provides the most accurate up to date data and inspires informed decision making. Most ERP’s consist of differing modules which can be purchased separately depending on the consumer’s needs.  What sets Fuse5 Automotive Software (FAS) apart is the fact that all modules come rolled into one, so there is no need to decide which is the best fit for your business today, FAS will grow with you.

How does this make my life easier?

There are a myriad of ways ERP’s can assist a business. Having a model that allows collaboration between departments. Providing a scalable platform that can grow with the business. Replace costly outdated programs that are less efficient with software that updates with your business. From following products through procurement to delivery to managing HR issues in house, ERP’s do it all in one place.


Merging a Point of sale system with an ERP solution provides the perfect combination of customer information and selling strength. All customer data is available through the ERP, and having a mobile POS means that it can be pulled up at any time. Information is used to assist in closing deals, and develop better relationships. Past invoices can be brought up to ensure pricing remains accurate, and credits can be applied in real time to reflect an up to date account balance.


Customer Relationship Management- Covers the customer service tasks and organizes the data gleaned into useful information. Sales reps use this tool on the road to better service their clients by reviewing their inventory movements and working with purchasing teams to make sure inventory is always in stock. They may also observe buying trends and notes from previous visits. CRM’s bring customer issues or complaints, purchase histories and records of interactions with service reps all in one place. Analysis of buying habits and interactions defines clients needs individually. These records are used to better serve customers and drive further growth through repeated purchases and customer retention. In other words you can give your customers the service they deserve and keep up with the ever changing needs of the marketplace. Any issues with a customer’s account can be rectified on the spot, or alternate solutions may be put into practice to allow business to continue, such as switching an overdue weekly account to COD until the balance is caught up.


“This is the best move we could have made for our future.  Fuse5 made some big claims, and they have stood behind every one of them.  It’s unbelievable” 

-Brian Polsky

President, Automotive Alliance



Manages product flow service providers to consumers and keeps track of all product returns and recalls. This creates a full view of the customers’ needs product and service wise. Using this software every step from procurement to delivery can be followed. This level of control generates a sense of security between you and your clients that deliveries will be accurate. Drivers times can be tracked each run so any discrepancies can be pulled up and sorted. Parts may be followed from the receiving stage all the way to your customers shop. If something is wrong it should be fast and simple to locate the conflict. Deliveries are reflected in the system as soon as they are marked off in the software. This allows customers to have an idea of how long until their store is reached. This data is useful when forming runs for drivers to take so that optimized routes can be taken to reduce delivery time.


Manages inventory goals and acquisitions, maintains standards for inventory control and replenishment. Whether ordering for restock or identifying seasonal trends in products, have the most up to date information in regard to stock and availability. Identify market trends and purchasing product accordingly. Be able to see what is going on in other departments keeps the supply chain flexible. Automated ordering when products dip beneath a set number ensures there is never a shortage of an item in demand. All credits, PO’s, and bulk shipments are received or invoiced as soon as the items are verified. Meaning there is no waiting on accounts to be cleared to process payments. Returns are updated and reflected so that orders are not placed.

These functions are absolutely necessary for any place of business. Having them streamlined and automated increases efficiency and productivity on multiple levels.  ERP’s are an all in one solution to any size business that is looking to reduce overhead and simplify back office tasks. By offering everything under one roof each of these modules is covered with Fuse5 automotive software. Seamless integration of information will take away the hassle of departments waiting for one another to update information and build teamwork with everyone on the same page.

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