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Modular VS All-in-one

When looking at ERP solutions it is important to understand the differences between the options out there. Modular software is sold as individual products such as CRM or billing support software, and you pay a price for each one. All-in-one software offers the same modules but rolled into one package, with one price. They offer value that solutions with individual products just don’t have. Since Fuse5 has active customers that view manufacturing all the way through installation, integrated modules, one time setups, offsite updates, and straight forward billing are just a few advantages FAS offers. Having the all-in-one option gives you the ability to grow in ways that if you were asked to pay for you probably wouldn’t even test.

Seamless connectivity

The needs of the marketplace are always changing, rather than coming up with multiple answers to all the different needs FAS offers one complete solution.

ERP’s are systems that are made of many different software’s seamlessly interacting to form one cohesive unit. The thing is if they are not purchased from the same source, they may not be quite so seamless. Jobbers and warehouses have loads of systems that are used daily. It’s important that these systems are able to communicate, or the benefit of efficiency is lost on them. Having data come from 3 different sources can be great if it can be compiled all at once, but if they come to you in multiple reports it can be overwhelming. FAS takes away the risk of this happening.


All the modules are afforded at one flat rate. As your company grows or needs change the software grows with you. Use what you need, but rest easy knowing if another solution is sought the answer is already at your fingertips. Rather than modules that may come from different vendors or be years apart in age, FAS is an all in one solution. It was created all in the same code set to anticipate business functions and share data.

In the long term this model is more cost effective. Updates are pushed live to the system with no additional cost, and no additional licenses are needed if there is an increase in users per location. Best of all you will never face the need to replace your entire system or any hardware as the software lives in the cloud. It is as simple as connecting to the internet from any device.

No slowdowns, now or future

Old systems were generally built for one thing. As updates come around, they are built up off of a base platform, but this can only go so far. Given enough time software does not interact well with modern technology, and an entirely new system will be needed. This means taking the time to change over platforms, register users, and get the data moved over. Even if the software can still communicate when using modular systems adding a new module can still upset business. It is similar to updating classic cars. At a point the parts just won’t be available anymore, and no matter how well taken care of the frame is, new parts don’t fit properly.

With FAS all modules come to you in one organized system, and with one license you have access to the full system. There is less time down for your business, after the initial set up you may get into everything. The system scales with the company, and there is no limit to the modifications that can be made. As it is a true cloud platform all the code remains the same across the board,  with no different versions or inconsistencies based on the point of access.

Rather than paying for software and licenses every few years comprehensive systems update automatically and never require module fees. FAS also takes out the fees per user so the savings really start to add up. Don’t take care of problems as they arise, prevent them. FAS doesn’t offer less solutions than the competition, it offers all of them!

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