What is “True Cloud”?

You’ve heard the term before, but do you know what it means?

True Cloud is used to describe a platform that is not limited by number of users or amount of storage. It is a service that is held in a shared environment online, and is managed by a cloud service provider. This differs from a hosted solution in that it is not based from a physical server. Hosted solutions are not truly a cloud service unless they are made to utilize the flexibility and versatility that comes standard with the cloud. While a hosted solution may struggle with incorporating hundreds of new part lines or customers into its data, cloud solutions are designed for constant data input with no complications.


True cloud systems are designed from the ground up to exist in the cloud. The software is coded to perform as a fully hosted and integrated solution. This means that no matter the number of users given access to the programs, they all see the same platform based on their user permissions. Upgrades apply to all users across the board as well, so there is no downtime during something such as server maintenance that fake clouds might have. Everyone is operating on the same platform as it was designed for multi-tenants. Inside the solution you have a huge amount of freedom to configure applications as you see fit. Available from the day you start using it, you may change what you like without having to hire outside consultants or developers.



Putting the label on something as “cloud” does not make it inherently secure. That being said, due to the nature of cloud systems, security is very much part of their business. Cloud designers are more attentive to security risks and invest heavily in designing these platforms and testing to ensure data is managed securely. Information security is the business of cloud vendors, without it no product would ever make it to the marketplace.



Upgrades are fairly constant in any technology-based aspect of the world. It has to happen to keep things running smoothly. Companies that do not use true cloud options leave you at their mercy for these, or rather at the mercy of the third party that needs to apply the upgrade. Each upgrade needs to happen on site, where ever the server is maintained. Having a third party involved makes this process even slower than if you were to install the software on your own servers.

With a True Cloud solution when a product update comes out everything you have changed or customized does not need to be redone. The upgrades apply to everyone automatically, and nothing needs to be integrated to keep up. On top of this getting started with a true cloud platform is easy, as they integrate with other cloud and legacy software solutions.


Managed in house

Access is a key feature to True Cloud solutions that can’t be copied by imitators. As long as you have web access, cloud solutions are made to provide full access and performance of their software. This is guaranteed by the having the best developers to ensure it does not fail. While other firms push things offsite and don’t handle complications themselves, true cloud solutions maintain everything in house.


True Cloud solutions are hosted, maintained, and managed by their developers. Many suppliers who claim they offer cloud solutions instead offer access to a program within another company’s server. The ERP is then turned over to a second party to manage, leaving you dealing with someone you have not interacted with previously for any kind of support. What this means is in order for a true cloud to keep you running well they must keep themselves operating at 100 percent all the time. That dedication to quality sets companies like FAS apart from the competition.

Saves you money

When signing up for a product advertised as a cloud software, you may be unsure of capacity or how many licenses you will need. This can leave you with too many extra licenses that you have sitting around, or not enough and your growth is limited because you simply do not have enough people working to meet the demand. With Fuse5 Automotive Software this is never an issue, as access is granted by location. Being a True Cloud solution, any user is available to log in and access the software so long as they are listed under the serviced location.


Don’t be drawn in by legacy companies that say they have a “cloud” product. Do a little digging to find out if it is the real deal. True cloud vendors will save you money and prepare your business to grow in the future. Say goodbye to legacy software and costly updates, and join the ever growing, secure, True Cloud.

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