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Running reports is a daily task for nearly every business. They provide you with an up to date view of how your company has been performing, so naturally having software to specify what you are looking for is ideal. From daily revenue to product movement over the last year Fuse5 Automotive Software has you covered.


Constantly evolving:

Right off the bat FAS offers over 250 templates that can be used to generate reports. This number will only increase as time goes on. Taking suggestions from customers, FAS develops templates to meet the needs of the marketplace. This means that as more customers sign up for Fuse5 Automotive Software the product improves for everyone. It is a perfect example of a customers and providers being stronger together. Rather than build a template for one customer and charge others for its use in their system, FAS incorporates them so that everyone has access as soon as it’s ready.

Get what you need to see without wading through useless data. FAS makes reports customizable on a number of levels. You can pull up information based on account, region, location, product, or dollar amount. Even see things like which customers are selling with the highest profit margin on a daily basis. This feature is what many customers are most excited about when using FAS.

Using the data and tools tabs customers are capable of building their own reports as well. Create reports even based on transaction. Which customers were purchasing a product, how much did they pay for it, when did they buy it? This information grants informed decision making on product orders and can be used to identify market trends. Perfect for seasonal items which are flying off the shelves for only a few months.

Reports for sales:

You don’t have to be at the office to run reports either. From a customer’s parking lot sales staff can generate reports to get the latest purchase history or examine returns from a customer. Learn a customers preferred brands and use that knowledge to create customized selling strategies.

Sales managers can pull up the status of each rep at the beginning of the week. Find out who has been doing well, and which customers have been contacted. Go even further by pulling up customers that haven’t ordered lately and examine past purchase history. This can assist in identifying reasons a customer may have left. Maybe pricing went up during a month they left, or they had a series of returns from the same line. Understand the cause and from there work on a plan of action to bring them back.


You don’t have to be at the server site to pull up information any longer. Run reports in your car before heading to a business dinner, by the time you arrive you can enter armed with the latest numbers. Sales staff can go into customer meetings confident they have the most recent knowledge on a customer, and can be updated instantly if any relevant information changes. You can queue up reports over the weekend as well, and have them waiting in your inbox first thing Monday morning.


Order point calculator:

Use reporting to change order points based on part movement. FAS will keep track of how much products have been moving and recommend order points based on sales history. Use this tool in conjunction with forecasting models to pick up on purchasing or return trends. Keep customers coming back by having what they need and pull pieces that are frequently returned to ensure quality merchandise.


Without the right filters data not very useful on its own. Fuse5 Automotive Software works with you to provide deep levels of customizability within reports. Use them to keep your team informed on sales and inventory movements. Watch sales numbers to identify trends as they occur and keep your products moving by keeping the popular ones on your shelves. Reach out to support if you are seeking something you don’t see. It is quite likely there is a template out for it, and if not, we will add it to our development list.

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