Is automotive really all you do?

The automotive industry has many moving parts, and we aim to bring them closer together. By focusing on the automotive aftermarket, we understand your needs and provide the optimal solutions. We come from a diverse background within the automotive sector and use that knowledge to recognize common problems facing providers. Knowing what the issues are in the business we crafted a product tailored for precisely these needs, rather than an ERP that is branded to any general business. Fuse5 Automotive Software is exclusively for the automotive aftermarket, and is here to cover your entire team.

For the salesman:

You see many customers any given day. Our POS gives you the power to close sales on the go, in a meeting, or between phone calls. Rather than having to take orders and return to the main location whenever you need to log a sale or pull customer data FAS gives full access to its functionality. Pull up order histories for the month when a customer is calling questioning their statements, you can show them what they were billed on, credits that were applied, and cores that are still outstanding. Customers have access to this information as well, but as any salesman will tell you, they probably won’t want to look it up themselves.

Trends can change quite rapidly, meaning that sometimes what you have on your regular order may not cover everyone’s desired items. Sales staff and purchasing team members can create smaller orders to keep popular items flowing through the business, without disrupting the usual order process. Search vendors by price so you can pay the lowest amount to tide you over until the next bulk shipment comes in.

For the managing staff:

Keep your teams on task by having concise plans to meet your customers’ needs while maximizing amount of product moving from your shelves. Use the reporting tools to predict the next trend in the season and prepare your inventory for the coming demand. With part forecasting you may decide what parts are the high sellers, and which ones are more likely to sit on the shelf or wind up as returns down the road. Using this information, you can make more informed decisions about purchasing and stocking.

For the inventory team:

We don’t mess around when it comes to shipping. Fuse5 Automotive Software wants to link you up with the best deals and the best rates from your suppliers. When you are choosing who to order parts from you can see the price points from each vendor or speed up the process by selecting the box to purchase from the least expensive option.

Once parts arrive at your location you may scan them in via the FAS scanner application. This ensures that inventory received matches what is actually coming off the truck versus pulling in a PO and hoping it was checked accurately. The same goes for sending parts out on deliveries. Each piece is scanned out to ensure the correct part and quantity ordered leave the warehouse.

For the automotive aftermarket:

Here at Fuse5 Automotive Software we know that industries operate differently. That is why rather than trying to create a solution for everyone in the market, FAS was made for the automotive industry. FAS acts as a pit crew for your shop, supports your business in every sector with benefits for each team member. Operating in one sector means that your needs are identified and understood, and as new functions are suggested and added it helps the business as a whole. Each customer that partners with Fuse5 Automotive Software bring in new perspectives, so our product is always improving. This is only possible by sticking to the automotive aftermarket, because who knows what you need more than the people in it?

As the automotive industry moves towards embracing technology in its day to day operations tools like Fuse5 Automotive Software will be able to increase the efficiency of these businesses.


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