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Don’t waste time wishing you had ordered more parts sooner. Easily keep parts in stock by having your min/max updated from the PO screen.

With Fuse5 Automotive Software’s P.O. system you can see where all your parts are moving. That’s not limited to incoming shipments either, you can monitor store transfers, returns, even cores and defects returning to suppliers. Take care of manufacturer pullbacks and warranty returns as well.



With our Prepaid delivery systems you can increase your shipments efficiency. Reduce paying for multiple shipments or earn free shipping by seeing how close you are to a providers specified dollar amount. Parts can be measured in percentages, broken down by either dollar amount, weight, unit, or volume.

  • Dollar: See how much you have to order from a supplier to unlock free shipping options. This value is weighed against what you have in your PO already so you can add in those last few parts to push you into free ship status.
  • Weight: you need to be able to move your parts around your locations, so keep an eye on the weight of each pallet you order. You don’t want to be stuck having four guys unloading a truck by hand just to reload it on other pallets and then check them in. Save yourself time and keep delivery bays open by keeping the shipment weight manageable.
  • Unit: Some suppliers provide free shipping if you buy a specified number of parts. For example, ordering a pallet of two of batteries then transferring them out to spoke locations. This saves you from making multiple orders as you sell out, as well as keeping replenishment fast and easy.
  • Volume: Input your maximum shipment space and FAS will assign percentages as you load parts into your PO. Don’t waste any space in your shipments, make sure your containers are 100% filled to get the most for your money.


With FAS’ forecasting software you may set up PO’s that are recommended based on your criteria. Have parts added into a PO and be alerted once you have reached your target Dollar/unit/volume/weight. From there it is as simple as loading the PO and submitting the order.

Did we mention you can also compare supplier pricing from within FAS? We even make it as simple as a checkbox that only orders the least expensive product from the listed suppliers. Worried about quality from the less expensive vendors? Not a problem. Vendors may be marked so they are excluded from this option. On top of that if you have a preferred vendor for a product line you may customize your orders, so they are always ordered from them specifically.


Sales History:

Backorders- See how long a provider has had parts on backorder. Do they have another solution in the meantime? With this information you can decide if it might be in your best interest to source these parts from another provider.

Have you gotten all your cores back from your customers? Keep track of who owes you what with the core bank system integrated into FAS. This lets you keep credits up to date and know when to collect for your own send backs.

Need to send out your P.O. after it has been finalized? No issue there, P.O.’s can be sent directly via EDI or email directly from Fuse5 Automotive Software. Just scroll down to the bottom of your P.O. and hit the export button.


It’s always good to know which products your customers prefer. With the sales rank tool you can measure parts by manufacturer popularity codes, and from the same screen adjust minimum orders and buy quantity. Are they doing well in one location, or all of them? This information is available as well and taken a step further with our sales forecast tool.  Predict demand from any specific date range, not just 30 days. From the same screen you may order enough to supplement the location that is selling out, without messing up the monthly ordering process.

With all of these features and more, purchasing has never been easier than with Fuse5 Automotive Software. Keep the parts coming in smoothly and efficiently.

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