How does an ERP save me money?

ERP’s are designed to help business’ stay organized and ease the burden of repetitive tedious tasks. While they are not a particularly new innovation in the workplace, newer ones have decidedly more useful features that older systems simply can’t compete with. Real time updates throughout the system and true cloud access to name a few. Even knowing these features are available, some companies are still put off by the cost associated with upgrading. Whether you are moving off a legacy system or upgrading a current model a true cloud ERP can save you money in a myriad of ways.


Lower day to day costs:

From a time standpoint ERP’s save money by streamlining work the work process. Everything from data entry to inventorying the shelves can be done within the same system, saving you time, and real time updating means inventory accuracy is constantly being managed. Say goodbye to praying you didn’t go over your shrink budget in miscounts alone. You can also keep track of specific things


Implementation and updates:

Let’s look at them from another perspective. Hardware. Everyone needs a piece of it to stay running right? Wrong. With cloud based systems there is no hosting equipment to maintain in house, which means no maintenance associated with it either. The only thing you need is a device which connects to the internet. No hardware, there must be software that costs a fortune, right? Not necessarily. Depending on the billing model it may be more affordable than you think. Fuse5 Automotive Software bases software access on location, rather than terminal licenses or user accounts. This means that even if you add more employees onto the system, your cost does not go up, so long as it is in the same building.


Operating on a cloud system means that updates won’t slow you down any longer. When updates are created, they are typically applied outside of normal business hours, and once the primary server used by the system has completed its update all connected devices run on the latest version. Your team can work unimpeded, no waiting around on each terminal to go through the process and reboot afterwards, it’s one and done.

Inventory, Inventory, Inventory:

One issue nearly all parts distributors have in common is the struggle to keep inventories accurate. An ERP solution is a great tool for just that. Changes are reflected instantly, so there are no instances of customers purchasing the same item for different locations. When checking stock, team members can update shelf counts right from their device to reflect everywhere. With mapping software and location information all parts should consistently find their way to the correct home. Save yourself time by not looking all over for missing pieces, and with the warehouse mapping feature even new items can be assigned a spot before they are unloaded.


The most up to date information:

One of the largest appeals ERP’s can give is providing you access to all your departments information in one system. Customer data, sales figures, invoicing and shipping data, everything you need to glance at to get an idea of where you stand for the day. Even better, ERP’s today have the ability to reflect changes instantly, across their entire network. This means that even through a phone or tablet you can still access up to date company information, regardless of how far you are from the actual business site. Staying plugged in even while away gives you the most time to react to any complications that arise as well as move to prevent ones before they happen.


Simple invoicing:

Billing models can be confusing and sometimes it may not feel like you are getting your moneys worth. With the rooftop billing model used by Fuse5 Automotive Software, each charge is simple to see, and everything fits on one page. No hidden fee’s or additional charges snuck in.


Implementation costs through Fuse5 are typically lower than the competition, and the long-term benefits of a cloud-based ERP surpass the challenge of upgrading your software. Keep your team moving so that more work can get done with ERP’s. Automated updates ensure no downtime, so each labor hour can be spent working not waiting. Operating online you have no hardware to fear crashing, and software that is nigh uncrackable. Increase your inventory accuracy to drive in more sales, and use built in reporting tools to identify market trends.

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