5 reasons an ERP is necessary to run your business

There are loads of benefits an ERP can offer your business, but no matter what aspect of the market you are in there are some that help everyone. For instance, keeping track of who your clients are and what they need. Being able to acquire what they need and get it to them. Even the […]

ERP Solutions

What are they? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is composed of software solutions for various tasks that provide a company’s answer to increasing efficiency. It tracks the central processes of businesses such as procurement, marketing, finance, sales, customer service, even human resources. What this does is create transparency for all departments involved so […]

Mobile solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a demonstration is priceless. Have total control of your meetings by being able to not just talk about, but prove everything you are selling is the real deal. In a few minutes set up a customer’s account, and have them experience just how simple it is to […]

A Guide to Cloud-Based Solutions in the Automotive Aftermarket

What is “The Cloud?” Simply stated, the Cloud is a network of servers used to provide online services and store and share data. The Cloud has replaced a number of software service and storage providers by creating solutions that live entirely on the internet. The Cloud in the Automotive Aftermarket As software-as-a-service native Salesforce.com soars […]

True Cloud vs Cloud Enabled

Many companies claim to have cloud-based software and applications when, in reality, they are only cloud-enabled. But what is the difference? And what makes cloud-based, or True Cloud, software better? Cloud-Enabled Cloud-enabled software is hosted on-site on a server that is managed by a specific vender. Cloud-enabled applications, also known as cloud-hosted applications, are housed […]