Is automotive really all you do?

The automotive industry has many moving parts, and we aim to bring them closer together. By focusing on the automotive aftermarket, we understand your needs and provide the optimal solutions. We come from a diverse background within the automotive sector and use that knowledge to recognize common problems facing providers. Knowing what the issues are […]

Mobile solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a demonstration is priceless. Have total control of your meetings by being able to not just talk about, but prove everything you are selling is the real deal. In a few minutes set up a customer’s account, and have them experience just how simple it is to […]

4 Reasons to Switch from a General POS to Fuse5 Automotive Software

A lot of companies that sell point of sale software claim to have POS for the automotive aftermarket, but they’re really just repackaging their general POS. While these general POS systems may have some of the features you need, switching to software created for the automotive aftermarket can help you stay on top of your sales, and give […]

Point of Sale Management Software FAQ’s

Fuse5 Automotive Software’s Point of Sale management system includes many exciting and cutting-edge features. Fuse5’s POS works as a solution for all your selling needs and works as the best-in-class ERP for companies in the automotive aftermarket. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Point of Sale management software: Can I bill my […]