Is automotive really all you do?

The automotive industry has many moving parts, and we aim to bring them closer together. By focusing on the automotive aftermarket, we understand your needs and provide the optimal solutions. We come from a diverse background within the automotive sector and use that knowledge to recognize common problems facing providers. Knowing what the issues are […]

What is “True Cloud”?

You’ve heard the term before, but do you know what it means? True Cloud is used to describe a platform that is not limited by number of users or amount of storage. It is a service that is held in a shared environment online, and is managed by a cloud service provider. This differs from […]

5 reasons an ERP is necessary to run your business

There are loads of benefits an ERP can offer your business, but no matter what aspect of the market you are in there are some that help everyone. For instance, keeping track of who your clients are and what they need. Being able to acquire what they need and get it to them. Even the […]

Rooftop Billing

Different from your usual statement Ever get the feeling your ERP provider is making your bill intentionally difficult to read? Fuse5 Automotive Software knows some things are better kept simple. Rooftop is a type of invoicing that is based on the number of physical locations service is provided for. Most ERP solutions offer modules that […]

Utilizing Fuse5 Automotive Software’s Training Videos & How-Tos

When you begin with Fuse5 Automotive Software, you receive personal training on how to set up and implement the software. However, as you go forward, you may experience the need for additional training or troubleshooting. That is why we compiled a library of training videos and how-tos for all Fuse5 Automotive Software customers to use, […]